Armed attack on Station Télé Pluriel: RNDDH demands authorities to protect the Freedom of Press

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The National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) is saddened to learn of the attack on the evening of the 9th into the 10th of June 2016 on television station Télé Pluriel, channel 44, whose façade was riddled with bullets from automatic weapons.

RNDDH believes that in the current socio-political context, this attack cannot be trivialized.

In the present, automatic weapons are on the streets with State authorities unable to control them resulting in a very precarious security situation. Moreover, political coverage dominated by the report of the Independent Electoral Evaluation and Verification Commission (CIEVE), cancellation and recovery of the presidential elections and the political battle around Haitian Parliament retention or dismissal of the current Provisional President as the head of the country, causes trouble within the population. In such context, attacking independent media organizations is with the intent to stifle freedom of expression, a freedom so dear to Haiti, given the various struggles that Haitians have had to overcome…

PDF- Armed attack on Télé Pluriel – 13jun16 – ENG