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    In a recent RNDDH school training 83% of the students affirmed that “Boys and Girls have the same rights.”
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    “Before I saw things, but I didn’t feel I could speak out against them, now I have a voice, I feel I can help bring about change for my country. ” Human Rights Training participant, 2010
  • Police


    The Haitian National Police Force (PNH) is insufficiently trained, equipped and staffed at a ratio of 1 police officer for every 1000 citizens.
  • Humanitarian Aid


    No stranger to foreign interventions before January 12th, 2010, the NGO population in Haiti exploded as thousands rushed in following the earthquake.

    Only 20% of Haitians currently being held in prison have been sentenced to a crime.
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Letter to Mr. Gallon (18jan16)

Posted January 18th, 2016

Dear Mr. Gallon, We are writing today to illuminate the current human rights situation concerning the electoral process in Haiti. In a statement issued after