Woodly Etheard Case: RNDDH denounces the close relationships of those in power with mafia networks

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Four(4) individuals of the GalilGang,recently involved in spectacular cases of abduction and kidnapping, drug trafficking and murder were arrested by theNational Police of Haiti(PNH) following abduction ofbusinessman Sami ElAzzi.

In order to attract the attention of public opinion on the need for complete dismantling ofGalilGangandaninvestigationto be carried out, in full respect of the rights of the accused, the victims and the whole of society, the National Human Rights Defense Network(RNDDH), a human rights institution challenged by the rise of organized crime in Haiti, feels it has a duty to share with all those interested in the subject, the following information relating to operation of said gang…

PDF – Woodly Ethéard case – march 2014 – EN